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We've built our company with a focus on client satisfaction. We're driven to make sure our tenants have a great place to live, our property owners have peace of mind knowing their assets are well cared for, and our home owner associations have confidence that their communities are treated with care and respect. Our growth and success since forming Matik Management has been a direct result of those core beliefs.

But don't just take our word for it. Here, several of our clients were kind enough to share some testimonials of their experience with Matik:

Property Owners

Dawn R:

"I can say without a doubt that Matik made renting out my condo the easiest thing in the world! I would have never thought the process could have been done any easier or smoothly then they did. They took all my worries and concerns and made them disappear! They are prompt whenever I've made a call or an email with any type of question. If anyone has ever considered renting their property I can say Matik Management is by far the way to go!"

MaryLynn and Ken A:

"It is our pleasure to write this note of recommendation on behalf of Matik Management. We base our recommendation on multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • We were very favorably impressed with Tom and Michelle when we encountered them initially. Their personalized, but professional presentation left us with a positive feeling about them and what they could do for us vs. that of the impersonalized attitude of the corporate competitors we had tried to work with.
  • We were/have been impressed with how responsive they are to our questions and requests. Their responses are quick and helpful, especially as we are novices in utilizing management companies for our rental property.
  • From a business perspective, we were impressed with how quickly they obtained results, i.e. finding renters for us that met and exceeded our goals for the rental.
  • They have provided us the necessary documentation for our record-keeping and tax purposes: information that is more than sufficient. Explanations were beneficial for us, the novice property managers.
  • Their willingness to provide assistance at our rental has been most helpful and appreciated as we live some distance away and are unable to perform a lot of the necessary tasks associated with a rental.
In summary, we had/have no doubt about the choice we made in choosing Matik Management."

Chris and Nicole P:

"Matik Management have been a wonderful company to work with these past ten months. Initially they helped us through advertising and screening to find the ideal renters. They were thorough and found us lovely renters within weeks of posting our property. During the course of their management we suffered flooding in the basement due to some record rainfall; Matik was on the ball and handled the repairs with minimal hassle or need for my wife and I to involve ourselves. Even now they are working with the city after an inspection to settle a window which was an inch or so too small. Our house is in good hands and we know that we can trust Matik to take care of everything carefully, quickly and effectively on our behalf."

Jamie S:

"It is my pleasure to write this note of recommendation on behalf of Matik Management, Inc. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and share this limited list with others.

  • I have owned property for many years and have employed several property managers for greater than 12 years. Michelle and Tom took the time to understand my expectations for the property and of the tenants, making the transition from the previous property management company, to Matik, very smoothly.
  • The financial statements and operating reports are accurate and very detailed, which allow me to follow the business very closely without being 'hands-on'. There are no 'surprises'. Costs were not only contained, but reduced almost immediately, resulting in a better bottom line.
  • The Property is well maintained, clean, and in good working order.
  • Increased communication and focus has resulted in happier, higher quality tenants.
This transition has allowed me the time to focus on additional areas within my life without the daily concern of property management. Thank you."

Farhan K:

"The services provided by Matik Management are prompt, professional, and honest. They provide seemless property management services that allows for worry-free ownership of rental properties."

Katharine A:

"Matik Management has been an excellent property manager for my single family home in Rochester. Michelle always responds to my inquiries promptly. She essentially pays for herself in her ability to rent my property for higher than I would have considered initially."

Rose H:

"We have been exceptionally pleased with your (Matik Management's) services and if only you could have been involved from the VERY beginning of our endeavors, our family could have been spared all the irreparable heartache that we have endured. We actually were not meant to be in this type of business, but due to some strange circumstances, you might say we inherited it. You have been with us for only 3 months, have saved us from total destruction and I'm beginning to feel confident already that we will be OK! I will highly recommend you to anyone that calls."

Brad B:

"Matik Management has managed my rental property in Rochester MN. This is my first rental property. Michelle handles everything from start to finish, so I basically wait for the monthly statement to see my investment results. Problems with the property, city, taxes, ect are all handled 100% by her and her company. She knows the area very well. I have felt totally comfortable with Michelle and would use her for any property I would be interested in having for an investment in the Rochester area."

Adam F:

"Michelle and her firm have done a fantastic job managing my apartment building. She is very responsive, diligent, and performs above and beyond expectations. I recommend utilizing Matik Management in any real estate need."

Kelly B:

"Matik Management has been a complete life changer for me and my home back in Rochester, MN. I had tried to rent it out and manage it myself and it was incredibly daunting and consumed a lot of my life. For just the slightest investment, they have completely taken any worry about my rental home off my shoulders and I simple just get money and an explanation of what's going on each month. It is the best decision I have ever made and if you are looking for someone to manage your property or are thinking about doing it yourself I would stop, and then call Michelle and sign her up to manage your property."

Eric W:

"Matik Management has done a great job managing my property for the past two years, freeing me of worry about the day-to-day management responsibilities. I highly recommend contacting them if you have any property management needs."

Rani V:

"Michelle is very good at her profession. I have full satisfaction in the service Matik is providing."

Sarah A:

"Matik has been great to work with! We had a terrible tenant experience when we first turned our home into a rental property. Renting it out again was scary, but signing a contract with Matik Management has taken all the worry away. For a very small monthly fee they have been able to give us peace of mind, knowing that if we ever run into problems with tenants again they are on our side!"

Eric L:

"I had to leave the state for three months for medical reasons. My rental property was a big concern. Luckily I found Matik. Not only did they take away that worry, they got more rent than I was charging even after their fee.

I would recommend Matik to anyone with rentals. "

Keri and Mark N:

"We never wanted to be landlords, but when we were unable to sell our home in this current market, we thought going into the rental property business might be a good fit for us - IF we had the right management company. After interviewing several companies, we found that fit with Matik Management. Michelle came to our home, answered all of our questions, and ultimately helped us find fantastic renters. We know our property is well maintained and, should a problem arise, Matik is able to help. Any questions we might have, we know we can go straight to Michelle and Tom and they are always willing to help. The background check is a valuable service along with the convenient payment system. Again, we were not looking to be landlords, but by using Matik Management, it has become a manageable and sustainable process for us."

Jill and Jeremy:

"Bringing Matik Management on board was the best decision we ever made! They have saved us countless hours and headaches...not to mention a lot of money. If you have 1 or 100 properties, this is a very smart move."

Joshua S:

"Very professional. Communication was thorough and easy. Michelle and Tom always kept me in the loop."

Joe S:

"I really appreciate the job that Matik Management is doing. I no longer have to take those tenant calls at all hours of the day, but probably most important is that you are able to find good tenants fast."

Jackie C:

"I have been delighted by the excellent service offered by Matik Management who are managing my rental property in Rochester. Vetting clients, meeting council regulations and property maintenance have all been impeccably handled. I would be happy to recommend this company."

Aileen W:

"I have been very pleased with the services of Matik Management. The company was recommended to me by a person who has a number of rental properties. Since we had no experience in renting a property, it was reassuring to receive such personal attention, rapid response to questions or requests, and monthly updates. I have already recommended Matik Management to others."

Scott and Beth C:

"Matik Property Management has done a fabulous job with our residence. They are trusting, great at communicating, and so easy to work with. They provide us piece of mind knowing that our property is being well cared for and do their best to resolve any possible issues that arise."

Allison S:

"We cannot say enough about the professionalism, efficiency and kindness of Matik Management. From our first encounter up until the present we have been impressed with all that they offer and how dedicated they are to us and our property. They rented our property out in a matter of days, they allow us to have a hands off experience with our property, and they are always available to us and our renter making us feel as though we are their only client. Michelle and Tom are wonderful people to do business with. We have the utmost confidence that our investment property is expertly managed. Thank you, Matik."


"I've been working with Matik Management for several years now on the business side, and I've been very happy with them. They're the most knowledgeable people I know regarding the rental market and related laws, and I feel like I'm in good hands with them. They make all payments to me promptly, and they communicate well. I definitely recommend working with Matik!"

Jamie H:

"Michelle has been in property management for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge regarding the best and cost effective ways to keep your property rented and producing income. She provides detailed reports to property owners so they are able to make decisions to optimize their property's earning potential. I highly recommend using their services."

Jason T:

"I highly recommend Matik Management for all your rental and property management needs. They have been the most helpful and you can tell they know what their doing. My experience with them is always great and professional. If your looking for a rental then Matik is the place to go. If you need a property management company for your home or property I wouldn't hesitate to have Matik management be the one to manage it. As far as the other reviews I've read, I don't understand how anyone could have a bad experience. Makes me wonder how much of that bad experience was self induced. Matik management is the best!"

Susan S:

"Property Management is not an easy business. Balancing the needs of the owner with the needs or wants of the renters can be a no win proposition.
As a property owner, I fully endorse and stand behind their excellent management and communication over the years."

T Hess:

"Helpful, friendly, and professional. Everything one looks for in a property management company. The owners are involved in their community both professionally and in volunteer roles. It's always a pleasure to work with Matik Management."

Michele R:

"Great company!! Genuine people! They listen and they care! Can't say that about just any property management business, but these guys are the best!"

Georgie K:

"Great company! They do an outstanding job taking care of my property in Red Wing."

Julie B:

"Matik Management has been managing my rental single family house in Rochester SW for the past 2 years. I can qualify them as effective, professional, and reliable. Michelle gets back to my emails and addresses my questions and concerns very promptly. She is great. I get money in my bank acct and they take care of everything else. Thanks to their great service, I am thinking about buying other properties in Rochester."

Jim S:

"I have been working with the Matik Management Group for about 5 years. They helped me get into my 1st investment property. They have managed both my properties and they have keep them rented. They are great to work with whenever I have a question. As I grow my rental portfolio they will be the company I use to manage my homes. I highly recommend them. "

Jane D:

"We hired Matik Management four years ago, and overall we've been very happy with them. We trust them so much that we, like so many others, authorized them to make certain decisions regarding our property on our behalf. We did this so that #1 we don't have to bother with every little detail of every little maintenance issue, and #2 they have the knowledge and expertise to handle anything and everything legally, ethically, and professionally! We've been quite impressed by their level of professionalism, and are proud to have them represent us and manage our property."

Jafeth M:

"I have been working with Tom and Michelle for almost a year now and these are the things that I've found within the Matik's Team: integrity, honesty, personal responsibility, hard work and intelligence. I trust Tom's advice. Tom and Michelle know the Rochester, MN market very well. They have been fair and professional with all my tenants. I strongly recommend Matik Management."

Abel R:

"Matik Management at Rochester MN is as good as you can be. I live in another state and they handle my property with professionalism and are always very prompt to attend to any issues if any.

I basically can forget about that property being rented/maintained as they are so good at doing this.

Definitely one less headache in life!

Thank you for your great services Matik Management at Rochester MN."

Deanne W:

"Matik is a great management company. They answer all of my concerns about our rental homes quickly and they are always aware of what is going on with our rentals and work on keeping them in good shape. They have a great website that is updated in a timely manner. They give me all of the information that I ask for and they work with the city well. They have a great staff and they are all very good at what they do."

Forest D:

"I am a property owner and I have utilized Matik management since November 2014 and have had nothing but great experiences. Michelle is available to answer any questions that I have and the support staff has been excellent in answering my questions and getting repairs done. Jill has helped tremendously and even got a disgruntled renter to pay after moving out prematurely. The company has done nothing but advocate for me as an owner and I highly recommend them as a management company. The quarterly walk through inspections are helpful and informative and they accommodate requests for preventative maintenance that you'd like done as an owner. Another perk is that they charge additional rent for pets which adds to your bottom line as an owner. The marketing of your home is excellent and I never had any trouble getting a high quality renter."

A. H.:

"We interviewed a couple different companies when we were considering using a property management company and becoming landlords. Michelle at Matik Management was by far the most knowledgeable, honest and helpful person we talked with. We would have been happy to use them if we had decided to keep our home - she had numerous suggestions for how to provide a good home and save ourselves money, including having a rental inspection prior to signing a lease so we'd know how much we'd need to invest before committing (we would have needed to invest thousands and thousands of dollars, which is why we didn't decide to rent out our home). We're so grateful for her help!"

Luke H:

"I've never had anything but great experiences with Matik Management. They've always been completely professional and responsive in our interactions. I'd highly recommend them to any prospective renter/owner and I look forward to using them again."

Nicole P:

"Matik Management provided an excellent property management experience. My husband and I rented our home for a year while away and Matik dealt professionally and kindly with our complete lack of experience! Michelle Hill was particularly helpful and always returned my calls and messages promptly. I would highly recommend them."

Kimberlie J:

"Matik Management has made it a very comforting and easy process. They have taken great care of our property. I would definitely recommend their services."

Dave D:

"Matik did a great job managing my rental property: the transition between renters was smooth and they provided convenient options to facilitate transactions. Matik also brokered they sale and made it very easy for me to complete the process electronically."

Shooj D:

"Matik does an EXCELLENT job for us! It stepped into a difficult situation and turned things around. Our building is full and we have positive cash flow. We have challenges from time to time and Matik works with us to resolve problems. No tenant has ever complained to me."

John H:

"I highly recommend Matik for first-time landlords. Their commission rates are low. Michelle Hill is very honest and knowledgeable. She found us good tenants right away. She keeps us informed about major things, but not the minor issues. I think the maintenance rates are fair. Some months we don't have any maintenance, but the average is $180 per month. I could probably pay less if I did it myself, but I certainly am glad to have Matik do it for me. I'd like to buy another house just to rent it out through Matik. It's like printing money."

HOA Members

Matt S:

"Matik Management takes care of a large townhome project for my company. They have always been very professional and have handled all matters that come up in a fast and efficient way. I would recommend them to anyone on a townhome association board as a way to help manage the monthly workings of the association."

Real Estate Clients

Theresa M:

"Tom just helped us purchase our first home and he was amazing. From first contact to even weeks after signing, he has continued to provide knowledgeable, reliable, and timely service. There's absolutely no pressure to make a purchase, he truly wants you to be happy and love your home. He does property management so he has tons of experience with maintenance concerns and is incredibly helpful when trying to decide price points and property value. He has a working knowledge of what jobs might take to get done if you're considering an investment that needs some work. If you have questions, he has he answers and when he isn't sure about somethings specific he has someone to call about it. Finding a house can be incredibly stressful but Tom walked us through it and gave us situational advice without any pressure to just buy a house and move on, he really wanted to make sure we'd love it, and we do. Hands down I recommend him if you're in the market to buy or sell."

Sara K:

"My husband and I embarked on a journey to purchase our first home and we knew NOTHING about what we were doing. We relied on Tom Hill completely for his guidance and expertise. He was more than accommodating to our needs and wants when going through the home buying process. He was very responsive and went out of his way in search of the home that best suited our needs. His knowledge of the area was also a huge help in determining where we wanted to purchase a home. He is a very relaxed and laid back individual but yet aggressive at the same time when it comes to getting the buyer what they need. He always has your best interests at heart and speaks honestly to you as a person. If you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Rochester, MN area, I would recommend Tom Hill without thinking twice about it!"

Shamilia A:

"Our home search was very unique where we had defined needs while the place in town was not very clear at the time. Tom was patient and walked through countless number of homes until we are fully satisfied. He was straight forward and helped with the search until we found the best match. At times when he can see we are rushing in to decisions without a good match, he would lay the facts and say, to wait for the next house. I liked the fact that we had the freedom to look at the properties we liked, not what he wanted us to see. Unlike other realtor we had no contract but had the trust of a good realtor. We got the best house for the best price and we are enjoying every bit of it."

Luke W:

"Tom got the job done in a professional and efficient manner. He was thoughtful about the process and offered helpful suggestions during the negotiation phase."

Brenda N:

"We came across Tom by happy coincidence. He was selling a house we were interested in so we contacted him. That house ended up not working out. Tom was so knowledgeable and friendly we decided to have him show us some other houses. What should have been a quick easy sale for Tom turned into a year long journey to find a house. Tom was always willing to show us whatever houses we requested, even if they were a little farther away. We never felt pressured to settle for a house. He was very understanding of the huge commitment it is to buy a house and wanted to be sure we were completely happy with our home. Tom would spend as much time at each of the houses as we wanted, never making us feel like we had to move on to the next or he had to get somewhere else. He was easy and fun to talk to. Tom asked us a lot of questions about what we were looking for in a house so that he could search and find us houses to look at. Tom had a lot of information to share not only about the market and housing in the Rochester area, but also about how to make improvements on homes and what it may cost ballpark to update things. It was nice to have an estimate on how much it would cost to make the house our own.
Upon finding a house, Tom was quick with my negotiation responses and handled everything very professionally. When we ran into speed bumps close to closing Tom went above and beyond to make sure we got everything we were entitled to and worked it out with the selling agent. Tom was very good at communicating during the process to make sure we were on the same page. It gave me peace of mind knowing that Tom would handle and work everything out for us. I would recommend Tom to anyone interested in selling or buying a house and would use him again in the future should I move."

Anne W:

"Matik Management was great to work with during the sale process. They were knowledgeable, helpful and patient from listing through closing."



"Matik Management is a pleasure to work with and always takes care of requests promptly! Michelle communicates well and answers my questions quickly and completely."

Neil B:

"My time with Matik has been exceptional. They have always been willing to work with me on anything I needed, from rent questions and concerns to maintenance to general questions and suggestions. I would recommend Matik to anyone who needs to rent a place to call home and is looking for friendly and courteous staff."

Randall J:

"I've had nothing but great interactions with Matik staff during my time with them. They have always been friendly in my interactions and timely in response to any questions I've had. Great company to deal with!"

Brandon C:

"If you are planning on renting In the Rochester area Matik Management is the place to go! They are very professional and care about their customers. They have a large selection of houses and apartments to choose from all over the area! By far the best in town!"

Brern O:

"Very helpful and courteous. Always quick to respond to any problems I've had."

Nicki M:

"Matik is a great management company! I personally rented for 5 plus years, no issues, friendly staff, and 24 hour on-call maintenance."

Chris P:

"My sister shayla is going to look at a place managed by Matik tomorrow. I emailed them on the duplex and I got a response almost immediately. I had to reschedule the showing and I sent them an email to reschedule and got a response within an hour. Looks to me that Matik responds very quickly! Hopefully the showing goes good for my sister and Her and her baby(in the belly) will have a nice house managed by good people. COMMUNICATION DOES NOT SEEM TO BE A PROBLEM. EMAIL IS THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO CONTACT PEOPLE IN THIS DAY AND AGE!"

Matt D:

"They were absolutely wonderful to work with!"

Cassandra S:

"I rented a modest single family home from Matik for three years. It was an older home with its fair share of issues, but I found that Matik was reasonable in meeting our serious maintenance requests in a timely fashion. Less "emergent" requests, were addressed after some wait time, but always eventually addressed. They were always professional and polite. Our lease included their partner IHS using our garage for storage and they too were very polite, attentive, and respectful. I always felt taken care of as a tenant. If you are a responsible tenant, Matik will treat you as such. I read many reviews saying that they withhold significant portions of security deposits; this is NOT true. We cleaned VERY thoroughly before handing over our keys and Matik gave us well over 2/3rds of our deposit back. I honestly have very little to say negatively about Matik. While no company is perfect, I was very sorry that I could not continue to rent with them. I tried! Thank you for all your care over the years, Matik!"

Alana S:

"We very been renting with matik for almost four years and it's been a really positive experience. They take care of issues promptly and work with our schedules so we can secure our pets before maintenance."

Sarah G:

"Wonderful people to work with! They not only managed the property we rented but also helped my husband and I purchase a home after our rental lease was about to expire. Very knowledgeable and helpful! I highly recommend Matik Management!"

Vanessa P:

"I had an awesome experience renting and dealing with the staff at Matik. [Staff] and Michelle are very helpful and down to earth. I would definitely recommend renting through this company to any of my friends or family."

Mike F:

"Matik is great. I had to be in Rochester off and on for work for about a year. Instead of moving stuff back and forth and paying for a hotel, I decided to rent a house. Matik worked with me to find a neighborhood I'd be comfortable in and it was a great house. Nothing fancy, but just what I needed! Did I lose some of my deposit when I left? Sure! But a couple bucks sure beats renting a carpet cleaner to get red wine out of the carpet..."

Jonathan L:

"Awesome people that work with you. I definitely recommend Matik."

Catherine M:

"My experience with Matik Management has all been positive due to the integrity, honesty and compassion of [staff]. This is a business that will put forth the extra effort to work through difficulties while demonstrating fairness and trustworthiness. Without hesitation, or exaggeration, I give Matik Management a 5-star rating because they have earned it."

C. D.:

"My first experience with Matik made me feel like I was going to have nothing but issues, however my husband and I have have stayed with them for almost 3 years now & they're great. I feel like our concerns are addressed promptly & if we find an issue with our townhome they're quick to address and fix the issue."

Angie K:

"There is no better place to rent from. Matik was willing to work with me and give me the place I wanted to rent."

Sean D:

"They acquired management duties while I was already a tenant and they inherited a lot of headaches. [Staff] was fabulous in helping me. Tom was also invaluable in helping me."


"Good rental agency worked with me while I went through a whole fiasco involving my bank account being breached. Look forward to renewing my lease for another year or so."

Donald M:

"My wife and I were able to rent a unit seamlessly through the services provided by Matik Management . We have been very happy with the rental unit and services they have provided, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to lease property in Rochester."

Kristen J:

"I have had the best experience working with Matik Management. All of the staff have been wonderful to work with. Quality properties at a good value! This is absolutely the place to go if you are looking for a rental. I am even moving in from another state and they took care of me with ease. I highly recommend!"

Other Satisfied Owners:

  • "Matik Management became my property management firm on very short notice. Matik helped me with everything I needed to get done regarding property rental before I moved out. I was happy to hear that Matik had found a renter within a month at a rental price I was happy with".
  • "Matik has continued to show professionalism throughout the year, providing me with statements, rental funds, updates on the property, and prompt answers to any questions I had. This premium service came at a relatively low fee when compared to other property managers".
  • "If you are interested in a property manager for your property, I strongly recommend you choose Matik."
  • "Matik takes care of everything and removed the hassle factor from owning real estate."
  • "Tom was our realtor and helped us with the purchase of our home in 2010. He was patient, professional and pleasant. Michelle began working with us shortly thereafter as our townhome property manager and she has continued to demonstrate competence. Tom and Michelle are knowledgeable and friendly and we would recommend them both individually and as a team."

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